Monday, July 12, 2010


We have the good fortune of belonging to great families before we started our own. Great families have great stories and superb family reunions. The Robinson get-together was a meager 85 member contingency at the standard Horse Valley campsite. I can’t say for sure, but it is likely Parowan and Paragonah’s population wanes quickly as we establish Robinsonville on the hill, if only for a few days once a year. It goes without saying, the mosquitoes were definitely full and everybody had great camping faces before we left.

After feeding the mosquitoes we barely had time to stop itching and shower before we set out for Topic and the Munson Mixer. We spent time playing games at the park, swapping lies, playing tourist on mules in Bryce Canyon, eating, fishing, more eating, sleeping, yet more eating, and taking in the local flavor of Tropic. Suffice it to say, the company, food, and scenery were great.

As you might guess from the first paragraph, I am not a Tropic native but I can certainly relate to the characters each small community seems to have. After all, I grew up in Parowan. It is fun to compare the unknown but familiar characters in these small towns with their matches who lived around me while I grew up. The Munson Mixer ended with church on Sunday- I was disappointed it wasn’t fast Sunday. Small town Fast and Testimony meetings are the best!  Take a look at this as a real-life example.

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Holly said...

Sounds like we missed out on a lot of fun. We were pretty disappointed and Tony really missed seeing everybody.