Saturday, September 27, 2008


Last week Tyrel entered the Punt, Pass, and Kick competition. It was a first for Tyrel and he learned some valuable strategies- after the fact. Exactly one pass, punt, and kick later the competition was over without much informatioon from the judges. Apparently, they tell everyone they will contact them via phone at a later date. Poor form gentlemen, poor form.

Amy and I enjoyed watching “Clubber Clyde” in her last soccer game of the season. While watching these girls run around with the soccer ball it occurred to me that these games more resembled trying to herding a bunch of cats. The coaches would have better luck trying to hold back the tide than moving these little "players" in the general direction of the ball. "FOCUS" is the key to these games. I noted some girls playing Red Rover while others Ring-A-Round the Posey’s despite the soccer game going on around them. Others were sulking just because. Some were more worried about the after-game treats or how their hair looked and ran off the field to have their mom check their ponytail. Then there is the last group, you know the kind you can’t beat away from the ball with a stick. Clubber Clyde is this zealot kind. She ended her season in fine fashion scoring 5 goals of her own! GO CLYDE!

Just when we thought our soccer cheering for 2008 was done we learned Tyrel and the Crocodiles will be entering the playoffs. This is a first for us and we are excited.

This week was the beginning of the deer hunt for me. I fancy hunting the muzzleloader hunt as there tends to be fewer hunters at one time to compete with. I should preface the rest of this paragraph by saying that at one time all of my hunting stories were true. So here is the report. Most of the water sources have dried up resulting in dry feed in many areas. With dry feed and scarce water, the deer have moved around quite a bit. That's all I have to say about that.
Erin is the most die-hard hunter among us. Each time we see a buck she is adamant this particular buck is a big one and that I “…go get your gun and shoot that buck.” She repeats this same mantra on the 20th buck of the day with the same enthusiasm and vigor as she did on the 1st buck we spotted. We are still hunting- enough said.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We Rage On

In years (or maybe decades) past I remember by grandparents making a point of mentioning December 07 in remembrance of those killed in the attack on the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. They were able to recount where they were and what they were doing when this event occurred. Likewise, my parents have specific memories of their location and doings when first hearing of the President John F. Kennedy assassination and when U.S. astronauts first walked on the moon. I suspect 09/11 is one such event for my generation.
Amy and I were talking about our locations and actions on the morning of 09/11/01. Certainly, our actions were common in that for the most part we were going about our daily lives. I remember coming home from working a graveyard shift and winding down a bit by watching TV before trying to sleep. My routine that morning was not much different than any other morning after working a graveyard, however, the events of that day allow me to specifically recall these routine actions. Of course, all the TV stations were reporting an airplane crashing into the World Trade Center. Accidents are not uncommon in my line of work so it was easy for me accept this tragic incident at face value. However, when the second plane collided into this same building it was obvious these two events were no longer a coincidence. The whirlwind then started.
Erin recently won her bout with a cold. In one of her truly Erin moments she informed me Jailey, from daycare, gave her this cold and Erin didn’t even want it. Erin then continued by revealing her plot to give this cold back to Jailey when she finds her next. If only it were that simple.
Our family cast votes and decided to now start behaving as though summer is in the waning hours and to not allow fall to ambush us. We decided to send summer off with truly summer events- soccer and going to the lake.
Tyrel and the Crocodiles traveled to Parowan to take on an undefeated team. It was a good game despite some very favorable and one-sided officiating (it wasn’t until after the game that we learned the referee had a grandson on Parowan’s team). Despite this hurdle, the Crocodiles left the field with the score 2-2. In talking with some of the parents of the Parowan players we learned the Crocodiles were the first team Parowan had not defeated. Personally, I am still learning the in’s and out’s of soccer and I confess I struggle with a game that is allowed to end in tie.
We then took a trip south to Sand Hollow for fun in the sun. The kids played hard building sand castles while Amy and I just relaxed. When the kids completed their masterpieces Tyrel opted to be the guinea pig while Erin and I buried him in the sand. I think Erin got the biggest kick out of leaning on Tyrel’s head. After more fun in the water, we went out for dinner and then home. We all slept in the fashion of the slumber of the just.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soccer or Ultimate Fighting?

Amy and I had our anniversary this week. In reflection, we both concluded that neither of us have done any one thing for as long as we have been married. A good time was had by all. It is great to be married to your best friend.

Last week, I was finally able to finish with my work responsibilities in time for the Robinson Family pool excursion. Each Labor Day weekend my parents rent the swimming pool. The grandkids swim until they are full from drinking pool water or cry (whichever comes first) while their parents get to act their shoe sizes instead of their ages- for a moment. You know, feats off the diving board we label “flips” ofare better categorized as one of those things we “usdacould”. With each additional year these more accurately resemble belly-flops.

Most impressive are the University of Utah Utes. The Michigan Wolverines couldn’t protect the “Big House”. In listening to College Game Day on ESPN before the game you would have thought the Wolverines were going to be the only team on the field. You would think these “professionals” would learn from these last years that there is football outside BCS teams. This week appeared to be more of a warm-up. Go Utes!

As usual, Saturday found us worshipping at the church of soccer. It is interesting watching the parents on the sideline. They range from the “slightly annoyed to be out of bed early on a Saturday” to the “zealot”. I occupy my mind and hands with a camera to avoid the zealot label.

Erin (aka Clubber Clyde) and the Bumblebees are unlike any other girls 4-5 year-old team in the league. There are 3 strong personalities on the team who will be in every play. You know the player who will run full throttle into a scrum and send other players scattering like bowling pins. Or if no scrum is found they take the ball from anyone, and kick at anything (no ball need be in the vicinity). I keep telling myself you can't teach a player heart (ha ha ha). Anyone care to step out on a limb and guess if "Clubber Clyde" is one of these three stars? I heard one of the parents from the Pink Lightning comment that “…those three girls should be playing with the boys in the 6-7 year-old league.” Erin’s coach has the patience of a saint and does a great job rotating these characters so there aren’t fireworks between teammates.

The Crocodiles routed their opponent. As usual, they played an exceptional team game against a team lacking both sportsmanship and any concept of teamwork. The game was stopped 8 times in the first 4 minutes because someone breathed wrong on one of the members of the other team. Despite these displays, the Crocodiles played their game unphased.

After all the threats, gestures, and crying the Crocodiles won 6-0 with Tyrel scoring 2 goals and 1 assist.