Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amy's Going to the Prom?

Amy and I were able to attend an awards ceremony in honor of some local police officers. As this was a formal event the preparation started for Amy some weeks ago. My preparations were admittedly easier as I had been issued my attire. Amy set out to find a dress at one of the local shops with Erin in tow. Erin, of course, was spell bound by all of the gowns, dresses, jewelry, and “other” accessories. Amy related to me that Erin seemed to have 10,000 questions (e.g. What is this? Where does it go? How does it fit on?  What does it do?). I’m thankful I was not invited on this excursion.

The ironic part of this whole shopping trip was it happened to be the same day as the Junior Prom for one of the high schools. Amy stated the stores were bustling and crowded as a result. As required by the laws of parenting, Erin singlehandedly embarrassed Amy by shouting one sentence while amongst the crowd. “But Mom, if you’re going to the prom who is going to watch the kids?” Apparently, the shop went quiet, everyone stopped to turn their heads, and all eyes were waiting for a response. I can’t say for sure, but I think the shopping was over for the day.

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Betsy said...

I thought Amy looked absolutely beautiful that night!