Saturday, July 26, 2008

Living in the Fast Lane and Looking for the Off-Ramp!

Here we go. We are new to blogging so this will be all trial and mostly error for a while. Amy thought it would be a great idea for me to get this thing started and then she would take over. I am more inclined to think this will be more like when Amy and I paint walls… to her painting means picking out the color.

Our summer has been both frantic and exciting. We ended the school year with Tyrel’s little league team in full swing. The Sneekee team was fun to watch and the boys played well together. In the end, they played in the championship game losing only after fading to a rally in the bottom of the 6th.

With our Saturday schedule cleared we tortured ourselves at Sand Hollow for the next month. Tyrel and Erin love the sand, water, and tubing. Amy and I are just anxious to just get away with the kids.

These Saturday excursions yielded to the summer holidays. During the first week of July we spent time in Horse Valley at the annual Robinson campout. This was followed by Tyrel and I at the yearly Munson boys campout at Pine Lake. This year the fishing wasn’t smoking hot but was steady enough to keep Tyrel interested- until he discovered how to catch the chipmunks in the campground. The Great White Trapper spent days keeping the campground wildlife honest (No animals were hurt during the making of these memories).

Tyrel and I also explored the 4-wheeler trails in the area. One afternoon we found ourselves on Barney Top looking east. What a view! We could see Navajo Mountain (mountain on eastern shores of Lake Powell) from our perch.

We barely recovered from camping before setting out for Lake Powell for yet another week of water, sand, and excitement. With all of the Robinson kids and grandkids, the oldest being 11 years old, our daytime fun is best described as controlled chaos with the nights giving ways to a chorus of snoring (a truly Robinson trait only exacerbated by exhaustion for the day’s activities). As predicted, Tyrel lead the way in keeping the usual fish around the houseboat honest as he was constantly chumming to lure them onto his hook. We made it home tan, tired, and content.
Amy and the Primary Presidency were once again “blessed” with constructing the Enoch 3rd Ward float for the Pioneer Day Parade. As I suspected, they put together a great looking float earning them an award for the 2nd best float in the parade!

Now we are in the final throes of July realizing school and soccer (times 2 as Erin will take the field too) are just around the corner- ready or not.