Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is the roughest time of year. The weather teases us with a day or two of great weather and then snows again by the end of the week. This isn’t too different from fall weather in Color Country but there are other activities to keep your mind occupied (hunting, fishing, hunting, and fishing). The weekly respite of pro football is no more, spring baseball is still far enough out that it hurts, and the frenzied pace of rivalry games and March Madness are close but not close enough. In late winter everything just seems to be in a holding pattern until...

Tyrel has finished his last basketball game. Here is a summary of his season. The CAVS won some games. The CAVS lost some games. The CAVS learned some basketball skills. The CAVS learned some basketball concepts (but the seemingly simple concepts of spacing and timing remain abstract). But most importantly, the CAVS had fun and got tired in the process! I have learned a tired 10-year-old may be the most advantageous.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Work recently took me to northern California. After seeing things I had never seen I must admit I was stunned at the scenery and amazed at the stark contrast to southern California. In additional I partook of strange food in an atmosphere and portion of San Francisco I would never have found myself lost in.  

Our final destination was Eureka (Humbolt County). For those of you wondering, you can’t get there from southern Utah- you have to go to about 5 other places first. Mapping our route by car would take 17 hrs and took us only 16 ½ hrs to fly.

While at Fisherman's Warf we stopped for a while and watched this street man earn his money. Check it out here.

Smart planning allowed us 2 days to get to our destination, but because of the nature of the trip it was an epic, single day journey back. The travel portion of the trip quickly lost it's charm.  With a Rock Star or two later we arrived back home.  Here are some photos of the sights.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had an experience like no other to this point in my life. In hindsight the general theme of the message the narrator was conveying was spot on, however, the delivery was comical. So with no disrespect intended to the unnamed narrator let me enlighten you.

The Robinson tribe made a pilgrimage south to witness, and participate in, a baby blessing. For those of you familiar with these events, let me remind you these blessings typically occur on fast Sunday.

The testimony portion of the meeting began when a ward elder (denoting generational age rather than office) took the pulpit to recount what he had witnessed on TV sometime prior.

This gentleman relayed with intricate detail what he described as an “open mouth” kiss. Apparently this TV scene degenerated to a point where he told his wife to take note of what was happening. Obviously appalled and maybe slightly confused, she asked her husband what the two were doing to which he replied, “It looks like they’re trying to eat each other!”

About this time, I was struggling to stifle my laughter, but wasn’t quite sure if it was just me and my mood am was in or if this gentleman had gone off script even by the ward’s standards. A quick glance around the chapel led me to believe this type of pulpit discourse was par for the course. This did little to help me keep my laughter inside.

Finally, this seasoned citizen enumerated the woes of such a kiss the first of which was it is extremely “unsanitary”. I’ll concede the remainder of the points he made.

I could no longer contain myself. After the meeting I told Amy we needed to make an appointment to see the doctor and get a shot. The rest of you clowns better get in line behind us!