Saturday, October 17, 2009

Psychological Warfare

Ryann plans her next strategy while Erin has no idea what comes next!

It has been too long since our last entry so I will attempt to get caught up in one motion. To start, Amy is enjoying her time at home with Ryann. I think her quiet respite after Erin and Tyrel leave for school each morning is therapeutic. When school let out for UEA it was obvious Amy’s chi was disrupted after spending an entire day with Erin at home. Amy informed me it was better for her to have Erin in school with lots of work and art projects to complete. Weird, I didn’t see that coming.

I have been trying for years to teach and later impose general good behavior on Erin with little to no success. However, Sun Tzu has an apt pupil residing in our home in Ryann. She shrewdly imposes her will on Erin in rare style. You see Ryann possess the coveted anti-Erin. I have never seen someone back peddle quicker than Erin after Ryann spits up or messes her diaper. Who would have thought.

On a more serious note, Ryann completely dominates the house as well she should. We are glad to have her. I am glad she likes to sleep at night.

Finally, Tyrel is gearing up for his latest baseball tournament and basketball is gaining on him fast. he loves practices as much as the games and conintues to develop baseball skills. No doubt Tyrel and his team have come a long way in learning and playing America’s game. Now, Tyrel has played long enough that he is starting to think the game and seems to have a question per minute about different scenarios and strategies in baseball. It is good this game is so utterly engaging. Long live baseball!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

6 and Counting

With the addition of Ryann it offered the perfect distraction for the rest of the family. Usually the weeks, or months, leading up to Erin’s birthday include no less than 1000 questions about how many more days until her birthday. The respite from these inquiries was welcome but, thank goodness, didn’t cancel the event entirely. After watching Erin on her birthday and then later at her birthday party, I know nobody has more fun at these things than her.

For good or bad, Erin’s brief six years have been well documented with a camera. We have ample black mail material for the time in her life when she will be trying to convince a naive boy that she has been only perfect her entire life. I will continue gathering evidence until that day. Enjoy.