Monday, July 27, 2009


I am certain I am on the verge of a fun overdose. Let me enumerate briefly. After our family outing to Sandhollow (by the way, did you know pregnant ladies capsize?) Tyrel, Erin, and I were off for a week at Lake Powell. What a trip! Between the hot weather, tubing, waterskiing, and water sliding we didn’t have much time for eating or sleeping.I barely made it back to town before it was off to Moab with the young men in our ward for more sun and tom foolery in the water. If you know anything about young men, there is a lot of the latter. However, the leaders on this trip set the tom foolery standard. I know nobody had more fun than I did.
After rolling into town early Friday morning the Enoch Robinsons packed for a baseball tournament in South Jordan. I can summarize the weather at the tournament by saying it felt like I was still in Moab or at Lake Powell. I don’t know what the actual temperature actually was, but it felt like it was well over 100 degrees with absolutely no breeze. I didn’t think you could lose weight by simply watching baseball but I am certain I will make fighting weight now. Tyrel said his black cleats were torture.
Tyrel had a rough tournament. His team played close and tough games and Tyrel only saw 2 strikes all tournament. At times, he would get too anxious and gave in to the urge to swing at pitches other than strikes. Despite these momentary lapses of judgment he seemed to refrain long enough to run the count full. Ultimately, he batted .500 (his only out was a squeeze bunt). When he would run the count full he inevitably reached first base on balls.
Ready or not, our next tournament is this coming weekend. We have become a baseball family.

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Amanda said...

Looks like you guys have had some fun at the lake.
Wish we had known about the b-ball tourney...we would have been there to watch.