Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cooler & Holding Strong

It is apparent our summer is coming to a screeching halt. Tonight the kids are off for “Back to School Night” and there is little doubt the hottest part of the season is behind us and the days are getting shorter. We won’t complain as our summer has been full. Maybe we’ll use the winter season to recover from it all- not likely.
Since our last entry we have truly run the gauntlet. Tyrel had a baseball tournament in Cedar City. This local venue came at a good time as Amy isn’t as willing, or happy, to travel much further than St George right now.
I can summarize this tournament in a few sentences. The first day of the tournament the Fusion team was missing a player or two due to the flu. By the second day I think the rest of the team was felling the beginning stages of this same flu, Tyrel included. What a tragic couple of days!
Tyrel feigned a full recovery in time to head off to Lake Powell for a second week this summer. He and Erin went with Grandpa and Grandma Robinson and the out-of-state Robinson faction (Cole, Julie, and their kids) for more water and sun. It sounds like they had a good time, but by all accounts, it was apparent Tyrel had not made a full recovery. Regardless, there was lots of tubing, swimming, and general fun followed, no doubt, by a nigh time filled with the chorus of snores that has become a Robinson family signature. I contend this is the sound of the body and mind at peace.

I have logged some serious road miles in August. I assigned myself the task of making a trip to Orange County, California to pick up one of Cedar City’s outstanding citizens and bring him back to justice. It was quick; down and back in one day for a total of almost 14 hours in the car.

Just in case I did not acquaint myself with the interior of an Impala well enough with the trip to California, I spent the last week in Ft. Collins, Colorado. For those of you who are wondering, you can’t get to Ft. Collins from Cedar City; you have to go somewhere else first. After a 10-hour trek we found Fort Collins. I had forgotten how charming southern Wyoming is- HA! It was good to trade ideas, problems, and solutions with true professionals.
Erin has had her first soccer game of the season. These games are always entertaining for me. Who has more fun than kids?
...And finally Amy. The other night she told me she is just now feeling pregnant and uncomfortable. I certainly feel like this pregnancy has been forever long, but this could be due to the fact that Erin asks everyday how much longer until Ryann arrives. Nobody is more excited than Erin.
Amy says Ryann never holds still. This may be foreshadowing of times ahead, as we already have one of those kids who never stopped moving before she was born. At ant rate, I'm ready for the pregnancy part of this venture to be over.

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