Sunday, July 12, 2009


On Wednesday a group of the Robinson sort set out on a grand adventure to hike one of the many slot canyons nearby. Tyrel was certain he was up to the challenge but I admit I wasn’t as sure. Some 11 miles later we emerged happy and unhurt. Despite initially swimming through some fetid water I saw some breathtaking sights and had a good time with my family. With 3 in our party of 6 being kids there were some interesting moments and comments. Here are my favorites.
  1. “Does anyone have any hand sanitizer?”
  2. “This water is gross. You could get the Swine Flu from it.
  3. "The boys literally floating down The Narrows on their butts.
  4. Nobody actually finished their Snickers bar before the Virgin River claimed it.
Having hiked the Subway before I enjoyed this hike more as it ended in a short, leisurely stroll down a paved path to a shuttle bus instead of a death march up out of an infernal of a canyon. By the way, I think ½ of all people on this trail were speaking a language other than English.

Saturday found the Enoch Robinsons taking a much needed sojourn to Sand Hollow. Amy was quick to contend this would be her only trip this summer and left the rest of us little choice. However, I don’t think she would have needed to resort to arm twisting or stink eye.

The kids played in the sand and water, jumped off the boat, and even went tubing. Erin was a bit timid with the tubing idea, I know that is a bit hard to believe, but eventually she was right in the thick of it. Even Amy took of walk of the wild side and did a little tubing of her own, and I have photos to prove it. We concluded she won’t be taking this evidence with her to her next doctor’s appointment. I think it was my persuasive argument that convinced her- Ryann isn’t afraid of swimming, she has been constantly swimming for 6 ½ months! In the end, sleep came quickly and easily for all of us.

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