Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thor and the T-birds

Lately we have spent many evenings on the SUU campus rooting the Thunderbirds in various sporting events. Tyrel loves to be out and seems to sneak some of his savings with him so he can flaunt his goodies from the concessions in front of Erin. If you know Erin’s diet, junk is her staple and nutrition is the rarity. After he is certain he has angered Erin, Tyrel will settle down and watch the game or meet- between his trips to the restroom.

Erin, on the other hand, is mostly interested in the girls on the monkey bars (uneven bars in a gymnastics meet) or where the chicken (the T-bird mascot names Thor) is. She keeps close tabs on the chicken and always announces the update as to his current location. Several times she has told me the she “wants to pet that chicken” but always cowers whenever he comes to our section. I’m not certain she yet realizes Thor is a person dressed in a costume.

Tyrel is not cowed and even wrangled Thor into posing for a photo.

Go T-Birds!


Stacy said...

We sure miss going to meets with you guys and afterward playing cards. Erin is so dang funny I love her!

Betsy said...

I believe I witnessed that thor wrangling first hand! And, as always- go T-birds!