Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I suspect most of you already know, but for those of you who chose not to partake in small town gossip, we are in the process (due 09/27/09) of adding another member to our family! A while back Amy went in for her first doctor’s visit. She tried to convince me to go in with her. After several attempts at tactfully turning down this invitation, I finally had to lay out the principle of why I did NOT want to go to the doctor with her. Simply put, I have an aversion about being in the same room with Amy and another male (or in this instance, the doctor and his intern) and watching them do whatever it is they do at these appointments, with Amy, only to feel obligated to look him in the eyes, shake his hand, and then pay an outrageous amount of money for the experience. I don’t have near the reservations if I am not there to witness what he is doing.

A safe part of the “doing whatever it is they do” at this first appointment was RADAR. I know it isn’t technically a RADAR test. They call them ultrasounds, but if you know anything about the basic principles of how RADAR, Sonograms, Ultrasounds, or SONAR works you will find they are not too different.

So here is the first photo of the next Robinson.

If you are like me, it is difficult to actually tell what you are looking at. It could almost be some modern-art masterpiece.

Does anyone out there have experience with an older fish finder? Apparently, the medical professions have some catching up to do. A while back fishermen were having difficulty interpreting their readings when using their fish finders. So they developed technology where fish are filtered out from everything else returning a signal and identified all fish with an unmistakable fish shaped icon. To put a cherry on top, these fish finders have color screens! A baby shaped icon to identify the treasure on a color screen would be great.

With modern fish finder technology it could look like this.

All kidding aside, I am almost as excited as Erin about this event.
Lately, Erin is the cause of more than the usual accidents in our home. She has recently mastered the cartwheel and our house has become a gymnasium. This mastering by Erin has not come without a price. It took a while to learn socks don’t help with traction on tile or laminate floors. She also figured out that enough space is mandatory. This latest lesson had food items giving the ultimate sacrifice after being knocked off of pantry shelves. Erin also learned her toes are not as tough as her stool when doing cartwheels.

This past week has been both the ending and the beginning of two sports for Tyrel. Basketball ended for the Bolts with a presumed win (we only assume as a score is not kept). Basketball practice and the final game were mingled between baseball tryouts for Tyrel. In fact, Tyrel had tryouts 6 of the last 7 days. It wasn’t until Sunday and today that we actually got a break. Tyrel was invited to try out for a traveling baseball team. He is waiting to hear if he has made the team.


Julie Robinson said...

Wahoo guys--nice JR--and sweeeeet Tyrel!

Danielle said...

Congrats guys! I had no idea I guess I'm out of the loop for gossip!

Betsy said...

Nor had I heard- until the work gossip was "read thier blog." As always, I love reading your writing... and I also LOVED the updated radar picture :) You're so clever! And, I hope this baby is ready for ERIN! :)

JR & Amy said...

Amy and I had a more sobering moment. We're more afraid this newest one could be just like Erin. Heaven help us.

Granny Shanny said...

So that second picture shows a baby in that significant? Just to give you hope, little girls come in the calm type too, but just think of the things Erin could teach to whatever "flavor" you get! That is close to Erin's Bday isn't it? hummmm

Amanda said...

Why is my comments never show up?

Amanda said...

Happy for you guys. Can tell he/she is cute! :)

Hayley said...

Congratulations, mom told me yesterday. I'm happy for you. If you need any help let me know.
Hayley Locke