Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This week the Brown’s stopped by for a while during their hiatus from Hawaii. As always, we were ecstatic to have them over and loved getting caught up.

Nobody was more excited for this visit than Erin. With Cache and Clay in the house I don’t think Erin was any further than 2-3” from their faces. Honestly, I have never seen any one thing hold Erin’s complete attention for so long. She was eager to help Stacy feed them (sitting between them with a bottle in each hand), right in the middle of things when they needed to be changed, and then we couldn’t beat her away when it was bath time. Amy and I are glad they twins survived their first Erin experience.
During the Brown’s sojourn with us the kids broke out the Guitar Hero. Tyrel fancies himself quite the manipulator of the battle axe. He didn’t even pause while I took pictures of him playing in his underwear. Even funnier is he was playing songs from when I was in high school and told me several times which songs he thought were cool. How weird is it when your 9-year-old shares some of the same music favorites that you had in high school. I know this wasn’t the case for me when I was growing up.
It is easy to conclude that this game commands the player’s undivided attention. I took several photos of the kids but none of them were able to pry themselves from the game long enough to put their tongues back in their mouths or even look at me.
I noted that even when I played I was unable to answer Amy’s questions. The best thing about being the camera operator and the blog editor is no embarrassing photos of you will be published.

I’m still trying to talk Amy into being my groupie.


Stacy said...

Thanks for having us over. We are so excited for you to come here and visit us. See ya soon

Betsy said...

I was sad I missed the gang when they stopped by the office.. Can I tease Tyrel at church that I've seen a picture of him in his boxer briefs? Heehe