Friday, November 7, 2008


Halloween found our house with much fanfare. For Erin Christmas is the only other holiday to truly rival the last day of October. In the end, either one of these holidays involves lots of candy of which Erin is a radical connoisseur.

Erin recounted to me how she hooked up with her friends and then extorted candy from the neighbors. Her rendition made it sound as though this whole ordeal was old hat. Apparently, I missed the obvious and had to ask Amy who Erin’s “friends” were. It was admirable for the 10-11 year-old girls on our street to include Erin in their group. I don’t know exactly what they did or how Erin behaved, but I would guess the Snow White in this group had little in common with the Disney fair tale princess we all know; these girls took it all in stride.

Nobody is more proud of their Halloween loot than Erin. By the time I was able to quiz her about trick-o-treating most of her spoils had been reduced to a myriad of wrappers. Just so you know she has extensive dental work as a testament to her affinity for anything sweet- up to and including spoonfuls of straight sugar out of the family sugar bowl. The faint of heart cower at this exercise.

Tyrel has come into his own for this accepted time of tomfoolery and he is the perfect age for this holiday. He was eager to dress up as something other than what his mother thinks would be “cute” opting instead for the ghoulish and slightly warped.

Tyrel teamed up with friends and worked the neighborhood more akin to how I could imagine the mafia working over Hell’s Kitchen. His spoils were nearly a half a pillowcase worth measured is pounds and, unlike Erin, he rations this sustenance over time. It is likely he will still be dipping into the Halloween candy at Christmas, if Erin doesn’t reconnoiter and liberate it for herself.

As parents we had fun watching the enthusiasm of our kids as they dressed up and were allowed to openly pretend in front of our neighbors.

With this event written in the books, Hawaii is next!


Betsy said...

Erin showed up at my door with all the 11-year-olds and I couldn't help but wonder how that "group" came about... Loved the recap though... and have a GREAT trip!

Stacy said...

I am so excited that Hawaii is next. I think that next year you guys should visit us on Halloween. They will get more candy than you can believe.