Sunday, October 19, 2008


We could not pass the UEA break without doing something more than the everyday. We decided the weather and time of year would be perfect for a short hike. After assessing the readiness of the troops, it was quickly decided the Emerald Pools hike in Zion’s National Park was the best trek for us.

Tyrel cornered a friend and convinced Dillon it would be a fun hike. We were off for a great adventure.

It was a perfect day for this short hike. The sun had already passed over that part of the canyon so this entire adventure was in the shade. We made it to all three pools and finished by evening without being rushed. Without exception, each group that passed by our little caravan commented on the “vigor” of the 3 lead hikers; they ran the Emerald Pools loop!

Despite reminders, Erin failed to grasp the concept that the tranquility of the stunning surroundings accompanied by the soothing sounds of the waterfalls are best savored WITHOUT YELLING every time there was something to say. Passersby were more amused than I was.

The highlight of the hike for Clubber Clyde were the pseudo deer that live in the park. From the zeal she displayed, I am convinced now more than ever that Erin will be my best hunting partner. These deer were good sports to play in Erin’s world. Her inability to contain her yells and big movements hardly stopped their routines.

I should have known better than to think we would escape this outing without drawing the attention of everyone. Erin committed the unpardonable in the national park world when she bellowed that I “needed to go get my gun and shoot that buck!” I think the world stopped; birds quit singing, foreigners scrambled for cover, the tour busses went silent, photographers dropped their cameras, park rangers cast scorned looks our direction, and infants and toddlers pointed fingers. With some applied skill, our clan made it out alive.

If you are wondering why we didn’t attempt a more challenging hike, take notice of Clubber Clyde in theSE photos. She gets that serious face from her mother!


Amanda said...

Never a dull moment with that Erin. Too funny.

Betsy said...

As always, Erin cracks me up! Loved the travel log- especially the aftermath of the shoot the buck comment!

Granny Shanny said...

I am sooo glad you got to have one of each "flavor"! They are both some of the best! JR you do a great job at writing, it is so good to see how they are growing and what is happening at home. Thanks for sharing