Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soccer or Ultimate Fighting?

Amy and I had our anniversary this week. In reflection, we both concluded that neither of us have done any one thing for as long as we have been married. A good time was had by all. It is great to be married to your best friend.

Last week, I was finally able to finish with my work responsibilities in time for the Robinson Family pool excursion. Each Labor Day weekend my parents rent the swimming pool. The grandkids swim until they are full from drinking pool water or cry (whichever comes first) while their parents get to act their shoe sizes instead of their ages- for a moment. You know, feats off the diving board we label “flips” ofare better categorized as one of those things we “usdacould”. With each additional year these more accurately resemble belly-flops.

Most impressive are the University of Utah Utes. The Michigan Wolverines couldn’t protect the “Big House”. In listening to College Game Day on ESPN before the game you would have thought the Wolverines were going to be the only team on the field. You would think these “professionals” would learn from these last years that there is football outside BCS teams. This week appeared to be more of a warm-up. Go Utes!

As usual, Saturday found us worshipping at the church of soccer. It is interesting watching the parents on the sideline. They range from the “slightly annoyed to be out of bed early on a Saturday” to the “zealot”. I occupy my mind and hands with a camera to avoid the zealot label.

Erin (aka Clubber Clyde) and the Bumblebees are unlike any other girls 4-5 year-old team in the league. There are 3 strong personalities on the team who will be in every play. You know the player who will run full throttle into a scrum and send other players scattering like bowling pins. Or if no scrum is found they take the ball from anyone, and kick at anything (no ball need be in the vicinity). I keep telling myself you can't teach a player heart (ha ha ha). Anyone care to step out on a limb and guess if "Clubber Clyde" is one of these three stars? I heard one of the parents from the Pink Lightning comment that “…those three girls should be playing with the boys in the 6-7 year-old league.” Erin’s coach has the patience of a saint and does a great job rotating these characters so there aren’t fireworks between teammates.

The Crocodiles routed their opponent. As usual, they played an exceptional team game against a team lacking both sportsmanship and any concept of teamwork. The game was stopped 8 times in the first 4 minutes because someone breathed wrong on one of the members of the other team. Despite these displays, the Crocodiles played their game unphased.

After all the threats, gestures, and crying the Crocodiles won 6-0 with Tyrel scoring 2 goals and 1 assist.

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Stacy said...

Great soccer pictures, it is hard for us to get some good ones of our kids when we both have a babie in our arms, you should see us we are a sight to see. Go Erin you are awesome!