Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Same: Plain Vanilla & Rocky Road

Now for the weekly soccer report. Tyrel and the Crocodiles left the field victors. His coach confessed this particular team is difficult to position players as the best scorers are also the best defenders. The trick lies in placing the best mix to both defend and score in any given set.
Amy and I are proud as Tyrel has emerged as one who is able to set the tempo of for the team, get his teammates involved, and play very hard. Even better, he is happy to play in whatever position he is needed.
Erin’s team, the Bumblebee’s, are a unique lot. The little girls on this team are easily shorted in two types. Those who are content to watch and turn in circles as the ball moves around them and those who you have to beat with a stick to get them to give the ball up. In case there was any doubt, Erin is not afraid to get the ball, even from girls on her own team, and then usually finish with an emphatic goal- even though that goal may be for the other team. Somewhere in her brief soccer career Erin has developed a flamboyant goal celebration- for a 4 year old.

This week has ended with many firsts for us as well. Late Friday night 10 people from Cedar City tragically lost their lives in an airplane accident in southeastern Utah. Many of these people were acquaintances, and one of them we counted among our friends. It is tough to watch these families learn of their loved one’s passing then struggle to pick up the pieces before trudging forward with life. These families in general and the loved one’s of our friends are in our prayers. This event has caused some serious reflection in our lives and certainly stands as a stark reminder to live as we should and take advantage of life.

Saturday ended late for all of us as we attended a St George Roadrunners game. I was admittedly apprehensive taking Erin as a 9 inning game is long. Her fascination with the mascots wore off but treats helped to keep her interest. It was a great effort by the Roadrunners that nearly ended in extra innings. Erin confessed the game was boring but the fireworks after the game were “cool.”

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Stacy said...

I wish we could have been there with you! Our kids are so excited to have you out in our part of the world.