Saturday, September 27, 2008


Last week Tyrel entered the Punt, Pass, and Kick competition. It was a first for Tyrel and he learned some valuable strategies- after the fact. Exactly one pass, punt, and kick later the competition was over without much informatioon from the judges. Apparently, they tell everyone they will contact them via phone at a later date. Poor form gentlemen, poor form.

Amy and I enjoyed watching “Clubber Clyde” in her last soccer game of the season. While watching these girls run around with the soccer ball it occurred to me that these games more resembled trying to herding a bunch of cats. The coaches would have better luck trying to hold back the tide than moving these little "players" in the general direction of the ball. "FOCUS" is the key to these games. I noted some girls playing Red Rover while others Ring-A-Round the Posey’s despite the soccer game going on around them. Others were sulking just because. Some were more worried about the after-game treats or how their hair looked and ran off the field to have their mom check their ponytail. Then there is the last group, you know the kind you can’t beat away from the ball with a stick. Clubber Clyde is this zealot kind. She ended her season in fine fashion scoring 5 goals of her own! GO CLYDE!

Just when we thought our soccer cheering for 2008 was done we learned Tyrel and the Crocodiles will be entering the playoffs. This is a first for us and we are excited.

This week was the beginning of the deer hunt for me. I fancy hunting the muzzleloader hunt as there tends to be fewer hunters at one time to compete with. I should preface the rest of this paragraph by saying that at one time all of my hunting stories were true. So here is the report. Most of the water sources have dried up resulting in dry feed in many areas. With dry feed and scarce water, the deer have moved around quite a bit. That's all I have to say about that.
Erin is the most die-hard hunter among us. Each time we see a buck she is adamant this particular buck is a big one and that I “…go get your gun and shoot that buck.” She repeats this same mantra on the 20th buck of the day with the same enthusiasm and vigor as she did on the 1st buck we spotted. We are still hunting- enough said.

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