Saturday, February 20, 2010


Work recently took me to northern California. After seeing things I had never seen I must admit I was stunned at the scenery and amazed at the stark contrast to southern California. In additional I partook of strange food in an atmosphere and portion of San Francisco I would never have found myself lost in.  

Our final destination was Eureka (Humbolt County). For those of you wondering, you can’t get there from southern Utah- you have to go to about 5 other places first. Mapping our route by car would take 17 hrs and took us only 16 ½ hrs to fly.

While at Fisherman's Warf we stopped for a while and watched this street man earn his money. Check it out here.

Smart planning allowed us 2 days to get to our destination, but because of the nature of the trip it was an epic, single day journey back. The travel portion of the trip quickly lost it's charm.  With a Rock Star or two later we arrived back home.  Here are some photos of the sights.

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