Sunday, January 24, 2010


The time honored, and church sanctioned, mania of pinewood derby has come and gone once again. For whatever reason, this event seems to find itself in our schedule at inopportune times. If it isn’t one thing it is another that seems to prevent Tyrel and I from starting this little project without having to rush.

This year was different- in a bad way. Tyrel reminded me the afternoon of the race that he needed a pinewood derby to race. Rather than go into a panicked frenzy to make a car in a couple of hours it was decided we would race on a throwback theme this year- race a car we have raced in years past. So Tyrel loaded up all of his cars and didn’t decide on what car to race until scouting out the competition.

This story has a happy ending as Tyrel had the fastest car of the day.

All derby tomfoolery aside, Amy and I were more proud of his Cub Scout awards and accomplishments. At this pack meeting, Tyrel received his Weblos patch, Arrow of Light, his final activity pin (he earned all 20 pines). Make no mistake about it; this is the end result of the hard work of good Cub Scout leaders. We owe Joan Young and Linda Russell and huge “Thank You!”

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