Monday, May 4, 2009

Hunting at the Hospital

A lot has happened to the Robinson Family since the last blog entry. Of the most significant, was our hunting expedition at Valley View Medical Center. For those of you scratching your head, I’m talking about the kind of hunt a pregnant mother finds herself a part of around 17-19 months of a pregnancy. This is a hunt for kibble and bits. Our hunt ended with a glorious absence of such leading us to believe we will be having a little girl!

The whole experience this time was different than with our other two children. We went into a big room where they started the process by dimming the lights. I was watching over the shoulder of the radiologist when I was told to turn around. Confused, I took my time before turning around only to find the same images displayed on a large flat screen TV!

Now I was mad. If I would have know beforehand that they were going to dim the lights so we could watch the show on a big screen, I would have brought popcorn and a drink. Maybe next time.

Erin couldn’t be more excited with the logical conclusion of a sister and is already scheming about all of the things they can and will do. Tyrel, on the other hand, is holding out on a mistake by the doctor. Either way we are all anxiously awaiting a new member of our family.


Our Family said...

Boy, you are pregnant for a LONG time. 17-19 months? hehe That is awesome news. Can't wait to meet the newest Robinson.

JR & Amy said...

Freudian slip. Maybe that was my subconscious.