Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baseball- Good & Bad

Little League is now in full swing for Tyrel. After three games into the season the Mountain West Computers team is still looking for their first win. Tyrel plays pitcher, catcher, 2nd base, Short Stop, and 3rd Base. He is most excited about having a lively bat this year. Truthfully, I am probably most excited about this as well. All of his coaches have spent lots of time working on his hitting. In addition, Tyrel and I take 2-3 days a week for more hitting practice. In Little League games this has been tricky since he sees very few hittable pitches from the left side of the plate. As a result, he has been working of hitting balls outside the strike zone. This has paid dividends as he has reached base every time he has come up to bat.
The Fusion baseball team Tyrel plays on placed 2nd in their most recent tournament in Panguitch. This tournament is named the Ice Breaker, and for good reason. The first day the weather could not have been better- between 60-75 degrees with little to no wind. Day two was a different animal. It started cold and ended with colder storms yet.After a 20 minute rain delay (I was surprised it wasn’t snow) Fusion found themselves defeated in the championship game. Despite their 2nd place finish, they played well, played hard, and most importantly, had fun.
Tyrel has declared baseball his new all-time favorite sport. Funny thing about 10 year-olds is that they live in the moment. When soccer is going, that is his favorite sport. The same applies for basketball, football, fishing, etc. Oh to be so “in the moment.”
One thing is for certain, there will be lots more baseball to come!

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Amanda said...

Congrats Tyrel. Love all the action shots.