Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fusion Baseball’s First Tournament

Tyrel’s traveling team headed north to Spanish Fork for their first ever baseball tournament. They played several games in 2 days time; lost some and even beat a team. For kids who have only been a team for a month, they held their own against many of these teams.
Our last game started rocky for both teams. A severe traffic accident in the southbound lanes of I-15 resulted in these lanes being shut down for a couple of hours. The cars already on the interstate were at the mercy of this shutdown as they would not let traffic off. This made fielding a team tricky. Four players from the Utah Bandits and one of our players were stuck in this mess on the freeway. The Bandits got their players in the 2nd inning while ours arrived in time for his last at-bat in the final inning.
Tyrel fielded the ball well logging several outs with his glove. At the plate he swung well which resulted in some hits as well. He is anxious to fill a big hole in his swing so he can hit balls in the upper part of the strike zone more often.
When their tournament run was over it was very apparent that Tyrel had fun. We hadn’t been in the car 3 minutes before he told us he was ready for Fusion’s next tournament.

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