Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter on the Road

Easter for this Robinson clan came on a weekend where we were double booked all around. Tyrel was playing with the Fusion in the Pizza Factory Invitational in Spanish Fork. As the rules of Easter would have it, Tyrel’s birthday also happened to be the same day as Easter Sunday.

In an attempt to avoid sensory overload for Tyrel, and to lessen the sting of not getting presents for Erin, we celebrated Easter over a couple of days.

On Friday, while up north, we all met at Amanda and Shane’s house for a Munson kid Easter Egg Hunt. This is always fun to watch, and the prizes inside the eggs did not disappoint thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Munson.

The weird thing was, while quizzing the kids about the thing they remembered most about the event, Erin, without hesitation, recounted how it was Grandma Munson who stepped in dog poop- typical Erin.

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