Thursday, February 12, 2009


Mother Nature in southern Utah is a cruel old gal. We have had only 3-4 snow storms this year with plenty of time for the snow to melt between each. But each of these storms seems to dump between 6 and 12 inches . Just to torment us more the temperature has warmed to as high as 50 degrees (a regular heat wave in January and February) during the day. Then it snows, and gets cold, and we all remember it is Febraury.

This cruel teasing has lead to a wish for spring to begin. I can’t help but smile at the unshakable optimism of Erin. We awoke one morning this week to a blizzard. Not relishing the epic chore of shoveling the driveway I mumbled something under my breath about how nice it would be when summer finally came. Erin, with all the enthusiasm of a 5-year-old, then added, “We need to go get the boat ‘cause we’re getting ready for the lake, huh Dad.” I told Erin she would have to get Mom to go with her because I still needed to shovel the walks. Erin apparently has a standing invitation. If you are going to the lake, she will got with you. Is there any douby she is hard core?

Tyrel has only 2 more basketball games left. Excluding our first couple of games the Bolts have played something that resembles basketball- you know, passing to an open player, looking for lay-ups instead of half-court hero shots, defense with your hands up, etc. Tyrel continues to do well. Last game he had several points including the final shot just before the buzzer at the end of the game. Everybody on the team was as excited as Tyrel.

Erin measures time by how many days left before her next tumbling class. Not having the chance to go to class with her yet, I was quizzing her about the good, bad, and ugly of her class. Of course, I was overrun with a myriad of things she learned and could do “..without any help.” Who has more fun than kids?

Anyone want to guess what Erin just drank?

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