Thursday, December 18, 2008

We’re Still Here, I Think

Through all of the cluttered and random holiday thoughts racing through my head the fact that this blog has not been updated for weeks finally floated to the top to get noticed. Here is a feeble attempt to catch up all in one entry.

Despite the ever present pulses of chaos always close in the background, Christmas magic never ceases to spontaneously erupt in a home with children. Amy and I, still resenting having to return from Hawaii, were admittedly slow with the Christmas décor. Our tree was truly a work in progress for almost 2 ½ weeks before the final touches were tended to.

Erin and Tyrel never faltered. With their own sense and style they worked vigorously during the evenings to get ALL of the decorations out of the boxes. Based on their collective memories of past decorating schemes they immersed themselves in the moment, temporarily forgetting about being brother and sister (i.e. arch enemies it seems of late). Leaving them to their own devices, a true-life masterpiece was born. With very few adult touch-ups, we decided to leave the finished work as is to remind us of Tyrel and Erin’s delight and smiles during the process. For your information, this means we have left one table with multiple manger scenes mixed together forming one monstrous interpretation of Christmas night.

Somewhere we acquired a compilation of one-a-day short Christmas stories from church leaders. Whoever’s work resulted in this collection deserves many thanks. Tyrel and Erin look forward to these stories and we take full advantage of the respite from TV, housework, homework for Tyrel, general tomfoolery for Erin, etc, etc, etc and rediscover quiet during the story reading.

Finally, Amy, Tyrel, and I were blessed enough to be able to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas program this year. Despite not getting tickets of our own, behind the scenes bartering made it possible for us to attend on Sunday.
I am under no illusion that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will not hold their collective breathes over my opinion of their program, but I will offer it anyway- free of charge. Suffice it to say, I have never attended this program and felt slighted when it was over. This year a reading of Henry Longfellow’s “Christmas Bells” was without question the most striking. I cannot recall hearing any recitation in any setting that was so stirring. The Robinson family will be purchasing the DVD of this year’s program to add to our library for this one portion in the program alone.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir did their part too. After swallowing some man-pride I have come to recognize that the Spirit speaks loudest and most clear to me through music. I confess I enjoy music in all of its varieties. Amy pokes fun at the mess of songs found on my iPod as they range from classical piano to rap with everything both reverent and wild in-between. Having said that, I know the sum of the music in the program (comprised of the choir, the orchestra, the musical guest, and the lucidness of hearing it all live) is greater than the individual parts. If you ever get a chance, this program and music are best experienced live.

Now if it would just stop snowing long enough that I could get it all off my driveway just once during any seven day stretch.

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hawaiigirls said...

Great Pictures from Hawaii, So many memories for me. Isn't the Maze awesome! Your blog is so well put together, Thanks for sharing.