Friday, November 28, 2008

Hawai'i: A Photo Synopsis

Tyrel listed the following as his favorite things about our Hawaii trip:

  1. Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri (aka Mighty Mo).
  2. Polynesian Cultural Center (he got to drink coconut juice and loved the fire dancer).
  3. The Dole Pineapple Plantation (the world’s biggest maze in 2001).
  4. USS Bowfin (aka the Pearl Harbor Avenger).
  5. Beach Activities (Snorkeling, Body Boarding, Catching crabs).

    Erin rattled off her own top five list too:

    1. Swimming in the ocean.
    2. Airplane Ride (she slept nearly the entire flight to Hawaii. Amy and I weren’t so lucky on our return trip).
    3. Tending Cache and Clay.
    4. Learning the Hula at the Polynesian Cultural Center.
    5. The baby pineapples growing at the Dole Pineapple Plantation.

    Amy gave her fave's about our trip too:

    1. Without question she loved the WEATHER.
    2. Being with family and close friends (nothing more HAD to be done).
    3. All the different beaches on O'Ahu.
    4. Laie (Polynesian Cultural Center & the Hawai'i Temple).
    5. The great food on the island (Dole Plantation, luau at the PCC, and the Hukilau.

    Finally, I’ll list my favorites:

    1. Snorkeling (sea turtles, squid, myriad of colorful fish).
    2. I loved getting away from work and spending time with my family.
    3. It was good to catch up with Jarod and Stacy, and their boys.
    4. The Polynesian Cultural Center was fascinating.
    5. The tours and museums in Pearl Harbor (USS Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri, USS Bowfin).

    P.S. Amy and I learned a couple of interesting things about our kids too. For instance, I didn’t know that the Tomahawk Missile was Tyrel’s “…second most favorite missile.”; Erin’s bum grumbles when it is hungry; Tyrel tried every food and fruit (e.g. mango, raw coconut, poi, coconut pudding, pineapple ice cream) he could find and still couldn’t find a single thing he hated.


Betsy said...

Impressive about the food and Tyrel - I can't stand poi! And I loved all your pictures - it was a stroll down memory lane for me!

Granny Shanny said...

What a wonderful adventure! You will have to give thought to another grand adventure to the East Coast! :) Thanks for sharing, it was great!