Monday, August 11, 2008

Soccer- the ballet of the masses.

The rules of soccer are very simple; if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.

We spent a good part of Saturday at soccer games. It was fun to watch the kids and get sunburned at the same time.

In the opening minute of Tyrel’s game, the Crocodiles (Tyrel’s team) found themselves badly out of position which allowed their opponent an uncontested goal. The Crocodiles quickly gained momentum and countered with 3 goals of their own before the half (Tyrel assisted on all three goals). When the game ended, Tyrel was once again the second highest scorer in the game and the lead all players in assists. We were impressed with Tyrel’s team play and with the high-five’s he used to congratulate his teammates. It chalked-up a great team win against a very tough rival.

Erin, as you well know, is a creature of a different sort. It is a fair to say that Erin possesses an unabashed “in you face” quality that is only amplified by her outgoing personality. I wasn’t sure how she would do in a team sport as she is such the individual. We couldn’t have been more pleased. She did what her coach asked, didn’t purposely kick anyone else, scored 2 goals, and still had time to drink too much water. When the dust had settled, the Bumble Bees had fun playing the Strawberry Shortcakes.

Tyrel confessed that he told Erin to be mean and get the ball or her team wouldn’t score any goals. He was quite impressed with the outcome that he attributes solely, I’m sure, to his stellar coaching advice.


Stacy said...

So is Erin a bumble bee or strawberry shortcake I hope that their are not boys on the team. We started practice but the season starts in Sept. Davis and Blake are excited for it to start Go ERIN!!! Go Tylrel!!! Tell your kids the boys say hi

JR & Amy said...

Erin in a Bumblebee. Fitting for her.

Kade & Kendal's Mom said...

Cute pics! Can't believe that Erin will be five this next month. Times flies.