Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School, Yeah!

School started for Tyrel last Wednesday. Despite his claims of not being excited we knew better as he was up and getting dressed on his own by 6:30 A.M. On a good day Tyrel is finally able to wrestle the mattress off his back by 8:30 A.M. By day’s end he reported school was fun, but when he had homework on the second day it was apparent to us that the newness of the 4th grade had run out.

As Tyrel’s dad, the thought of your child as a 4th grader is sobering as I have many lucid memories of my own from 4th grade. Taking that thought a step further; I remember my dad telling me stories of his own 4th grade escapades. I am that dad!

Erin, on the other hand, sauntered through the transition to our school schedule without breaking stride. Curious about how she would respond, I asked her why she was not going to attend preschool. In true Erin style she informed me that she already knew all that stuff. By the way, humility is her strong suite.

As is our custom, Saturday was soccer day, at least until noon. Erin’s team played until they were tired. Personally, I think that should amend the rules of play for that age with a catch phrase along the lines of whichever team is able to keep their players focused the longest wins. Or, whichever team cries last wins.
Erin’s team had yet to start when she was already asking treats from her team’s soccer mom. A thousand easier and cheaper ways come to mind if Erin is there for the treats only. All funny stuff aside, it is more relaxing for me to watch Erin’s games rather than torment myself though Tyrel’s games. I have to be the worst soccer parent as I know little of the rules. Ignorance of the game seldom keeps me from trying to coach Tyrel from the sideline. I swear when the game is over I have paced and perspired enough that I am afraid someone will mistake me for soccer player.

Not wanting to concede the summer vacation just yet, we once again took a pilgrimage to the lake on Saturday. As usual, the water was warm, the mood exceptional, and most of all the snacks were divine (e.g. red vines bottled water and gogurt). In the time we were there Amy and I concluded we could “sacrifice”, if we had to (ha ha), to live on a tropical island. In the meantime we’ll just pretend this is the case from the lake.

Finally, Tyrel takes every chance he gets to remind me of the animated Stars Wars movie currently playing in our local theaters. There is no doubt in my mind we will find ourselves at the theater in the immediate future.

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Stacy said...

Oh how we miss the trips to the lake with Y'all. Living on an Island is OK but you make it to the lake more than we make it to the Ocean. Our Soccer starts soon right now we just practice this soccer mom is at practice tues, wed, and thurs for 1 1/2 hours. I wish we could watch Erin play tell the kids we all say hello and we miss them.