Sunday, December 20, 2009

We Love Dance (Or At least Erin Does)

Last week we packed our stuff for a short trip to the high school for Erin’s dance review. I was stunned to see how many people were attending this event and would guess this event will rival most sports crowds for kids this same age.

We found a place to set up camp (with Ryann and all of her stuff we could almost outfit a Boy Scout Troop) and soon lost Tyrel to his friends sitting on the back row. I have notice he is starting to roam the neighborhoods and school halls in packs of his friends who are all too worried about how their hair looks and what shoes each other is wearing. This type of behavior has now broadened into him thinking he is too cool to sit with his own family at his sister’s dance recital. Oh boy.

The show started soon enough and Erin’s group had the second number on the program. Of this group nobody was having more fun than Erin. She smiled, danced, looked around in the audience, and even directed some of the other dancers where to be and what they needed to be doing. A good time was had by all.

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