Saturday, June 13, 2009


Before delving into the heavy stuff, here is Erin's new look. As you can tell Erin lost her first tooth and Tyrel now has glasses to wear while reading, writing, and watching TV. Nobody is more excited about his glasses than Erin.

Clubber Clyde (Erin's baseball name) and the Red Sox continue into the meat of the season. For me, T-ball is an exercise in simplification. Even more challenging is keeping the kids FOCUSED. Despite the trials of Amy's assistant coach/husband it is apparent nobody has more fun than T-ballers.
Tyrel was certain the sun would not rise the next day after little league playoffs ended. His team played hard and played their game. They just happened to be bested at the game on that Wednesday. Tyrel was a rock at catcher but felt like his hitting lost the game for Mountain West. I likened myself to Socrates in analogies and stories trying to esuage and explain how hitting 2 for 3 with 5 RBI's is fantastic, but I don’t think Tyrel was picking up what I was putting down. Despite this personal gloom, the sun came up the next morning.
Tyrel’s funk was short lived as he was out of the Little League frying pan on one day and into the fire of Utah Summer Games soccer the next. The Cedar Red Devils played good soccer for a newly formed team. In fact, they played well enough to win the bronze metal!

Their metal game was picturesque soccer- England style. The weather started great but quickly degraded to a bitter down poor with me in shorts and a t-shirt. And the game went on despite my being under dressed for winter in mid-June.

At the end of regulation the score was tied. These are the times where I learn volumes about myself. This day I was reminded I am NOT a good spectator, especially with the great mystery- soccer. Every game I ever played required the ball going into the hands!

Back to the topic at hand. A tie score in the Summer Games means two additional 5 minutes periods, even in this weather anomaly. The Red Devils played stingy defense and were able to eek out one additional goal with just a couple of minutes in the second 5 minute period.

…and above all of the “in the moment” high-five’s, hugging, and jumping of the players, were the parents having their own, more overstated, “moments”, minus Amy. The car had her trapped inside where it was dry and warm and nobody was paying the ransom.

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Stacy said...

Awesome job Tyrel! Erin you are so cute with that tooth out!