Sunday, January 11, 2009

Writers Block

Admittedly I have experienced a drought. Although there is no lack of material and happenings in our family for whatever reason I have been unable to reduce them to words on a page. With more effort than I care to admit I am going to charge blindly ahead on this entry.

Tyrel lost another tooth but opted to wait to put it out for the tooth fairy until after he had the chance to gloat in front of Erin.

Tyrel and I have been busy building pinewood derbies. We decided to get an earlier start on the cars (yeah, I said cars, plural) this year so we aren’t spraying the final coat of paint and then baking it in the oven to cure ½ hour before race time. You’ll notice I also mentioned cars. We prescribe to the philosophy that if one is good two is better and so on. Truth be told, we will probably have 3-4 cars built and Tyrel will race whichever one he likes the most.

Basketball for Tyrel is also in full swing. His team has struggled to say the least. So far each team we have played seems to have one kid who is about a foot taller than everyone else and plays ball like Michael Jordan. Bloodletting is the word that comes to mind. The boys on Tyrel’s team don’t seem to mind and are happy to be sweaty and tired after each game.

Erin never seems to have any fewer than 3 art projects going at one time. Without question, the smallest person in the house monopolizes the most space. Lately there seems to be a painting project on the bar, a couple of coloring projects in the works on the table, and drawing going on in her bedroom. We fight a losing battle to get her to clean up just one of these in any given day. There is little question she will be doomed to live a life of poverty as few artists make enough money to be wealthy.

While helping Erin brush her teeth I gave her a toothpaset unibrow. We both thought it was funny but lost control when she posed for this photo.

Finally, Amy and I have self-diagnosed ourselves with the winter blues. With memories of Hawaii still fresh in our minds and no planned tropical vacation in the future we have agreed to be discontents with winter.



Stacy said...

Erin is my favorite! She is so photogenic. I miss her, and her bum grumbling... Not to rub it in or anything but we layed out in the back yard today after church, it was AWESOME the sun felt so warm and inviting. We do miss the simple things that you enjoy like Brads and the Pizza Factoty and not ot forget Costa Vida I would even trade a few snow days for a good pork salad.

JR & Amy said...

Speaking on those little enjoyments, Jarod will be devastated to find out Famous Dave's has closed.