Monday, October 6, 2008


The weather here went from warm and pleasant one day to undoubtedly fall the next. A blustery wind on Friday blew a storm in resulting in rain all Friday. This rain along with a drastic drop in temperature lasted for much of the night and most of Saturday. My grandfather always contended if you didn’t like the weather at the time just stick around a minute and it will change. No contention here.

The deer hunt for me ended without even firing a shot. It was a strange hunt as most of the usual water supplies had dried up. This means to find the deer you must find the water. I should have known that to find the water simply follow the roads where dust is deepest as that is what every other hunter is doing as well. Despite it being a tough hunt I enjoyed seeing places I hadn’t not been to since I was in high school and even some areas I had never seen. More and more hunting is less about filling my tag and more about the memories, stories, and company you keep during this short respite from the day-to-day.

A couple of these hunting afternoons were spent finishing the downstairs bathroom instead of tromping around in the mountains. Between setting tile, cutting trim, and paint touch-up I was finally able to finish this sanctuary (cleverly named as this is the last place in our house for an emergency escape). A magazine rack and suitable reading material are the last accoutrements required.

Tyrel and the Crocodiles are playing in the semi finals. Saturday’s game was more in the style played in England. It was cold and raining during this game. It was a slow start for the Crocodiles as they were held scoreless in the first half; however, they came out with a vengeance in the second half scoring 4 goals for the “W”.

Erin has enjoyed her newly acquired loot from her birthday. Sunday she was adamant about baking one of her new mixes in her Easy Bake Oven. It is great that this activity is able to hold her attention until the end. She certainly loves to bake with this oven and is quite smug with herself as the finished product is just enough for her.

Finally, Amy is run ragged with work, the demands of a Primary President, family duties, and whatever additional activities the kids have going. Most days we pass by each other in the early mornings as I climb into bed and she is just preparing for her day. Later, we attempt dinner as a family before I return to bed for a few more hours sleep before leaving for work for the night. We need a family vacation- HARD.

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Betsy said...

And why would Erin share her easy bake oven creation after all - she's who made it?!?