Saturday, August 2, 2008

More of the Same

We recently finished the Raingutter Regatta and I, for one, am relieved. Much of the stress these Cub Scout events bring about is self-inflicted. As with the Pinewood Derby, Tyrel and I cannot settle to make a single car or boat. Instead, we have several ideas and paint colors in our head and each one usually ends in yet another vehicle. This time we started out making 4 boats but one fell prey to a tragic construction accident.

Last Saturday and Sunday helped us remember that although we live in the desert, flooding is possible despite our modern engineering. Work on Sunday started out unremarkable, and then it started to dump buckets of water! In less than ½ hour there were definite problems with flooding. Our neighborhood sustained no damage.

We have spent most of Erin’s waking hours hearing about “The Sticker Club.” After getting a letter from her cousin, Macy Robinson, about joining this sticker club I’m sure Erin lost sleep thinking about stickers and to whom she would be sending letters. In the end we are grateful Erin has something to scheme about. When left on her own the end result is seldom positive. Amy and I apologize in advance for those households who receive letters from Erin. We hope your experience doesn’t border on the side of lunacy.
Tyrel started soccer today with a win in their first game and was the second highest scorer. The “Crocodiles” look to be a fast team and moved the ball well for a first game. In the end, Tyrel was worn-out but more importantly, happy. Erin starts her soccer games next Saturday- watch out.

We have been forced to acknowledge that summer will be coming to an end quickly. Friday we spent some time immersed in the necessary evil of shopping for school clothes. Tyrel can be good at this errand until we are no longer shopping for him. The male traits in him then kick in causing him to get stir crazy. Erin (aka Captain Chaos) needs a lot more practice at shopping. I will not be around for the next couple of years while Erin gets this much needed practice.
Another sign that our summer fun is about over is when Amy lays down the law on when the last version of Tyrel's "summer buzz" can take place. Evidently, hair can be too short for shcool. Erin even joined in the shearing by volunteering to blow the hair off when the haircut was over.

Finally, we broke out some chemical lights and tired some crazy picture taking. Here is a photo of Erin in one of these photos. I have included one of these photos of the kids. Check out the photo slideshow I added for more craziness.


Julie Robinson said...

Yeah, that is why Macy doesn't know about the sticker club. She will just 'magically' start getting stickers in the mail!! I miss you guys!!

LuDLoW LiFe said...

We are excited to see that you guys are blogging! Looks like you've had an exciting summer. Good luck with the blogging thing, and I think that is awesome JR is involved. I have to beg Justin to even look at ours.